Fox and Marilyn

Hello.  In light of the recent tropical event, we would first like to express our concern and best-wishes for the well being of your establishment.  We hope that the rising waters have caused you little to no harm.  The sentiment is extended to each of your personal safety and dwellings as well.

We are a bit slow with our feedback regarding our experience at Yellow Dog Café, but not for lack of gratitude.  Our evening on May 24, 2008 was one of the best restaurant experiences we have ever had.  Speaking with the rest of our family that attended, the feeling is unanimous.  While our wedding ceremony the following day was a grand event, without question, the most talked about event of the week was the night prior.  The staff was kind, courteous, and competent.  The quick thinking and improvised handling of the appetizers family style was brilliant.  Every thing from drinks through to desserts was delicious, and we sampled most of it.  A special thanks to our waiter Danny, who was exceptional.  We sincerely hope that Yellow Dog Café is continuing to prosper and we would love to return for our anniversary.


Fox A. and Marilyn G.

E-Mail from Fox J.