Yellow Dog Café: A sassy menu on the Space Coast


Rona Gindin, Central Florida News Channel 13

They’re chatty at the Yellow Dog Café, so chatty that the owners seem to be friends with every customer. It’s all part of the charm at this Space Coast restaurant, which was designed to look and feel like a home.

The Yellow Dog Café is owned by Nancy and Stuart Borton, a fun-loving pair who are always trying something new. Since opening the Yellow Dog in 1998, they’ve expanded it several times, changed the menu a lot, and even published their own cookbook. Now they’re starting up a second cookbook, this one for kids.

The Bortons call the menu “comfort food with flair.” It’s really more ambitious than that. Their signature dishes involve onion-crusted chicken with caramel-citrus glaze, and potato-crusted salmon. But on their dessert tray, look for a housemade whoopee pie. That should make kids and adults smile.

As for the interior – it’s filled with the types of knick-knacks you’d find in a lovingly thrown-together home—books and photos and vases and whatnot. Call it Garage Sale Chic. Meet Stuart Borton, and see Yellow Dog’s food and décor, at On Dining.

Eat well,

Rona Gindin, Central Florida News Channel 13

Yellow Dog Café on the Indian River in Malabar
905 U.S. Highway 1
Malabar, FL  32950

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